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Refrigerant Exchange (Refex) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Environmental Technology Systems Corp. (EVTK) with over thirty years experience in the development of environmental recycling. With today’s regulations it is mandatory that used mixed and cross-contaminated refrigerants be recovered, recycled and reused eliminating the need for disposal and incineration of these products.

Refex has the answer to the management of such material. At our separation facility in Irwindale California we process large quantities of refrigerant and other specialty products using state of the art technology that allows us to return these valuable materials to brand new specifications meeting US EPA and Federal standards.

In addition Refex has a six acre storage facility where material is sorted and analyzed. At this location incoming material is matched with similar used material then pumped into larger storage containers before being transferred to our separation facility for final processing.

Refrigerant Exchange operates the only EPA certified refrigerant reclamation facility in the United States that can truly accept all types of mixed and cross-contaminated refrigerants regardless of their quantity or quality.