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Laboratory and Technical Support

Our in house laboratory will analyze your recovered refrigerant to determine its composition and type. Once the product has been processed it is again analyzed to guarantee purity and ARI700 compliance.

Our highly qualified technicians are available to answer any questions and provide follow up support.

Recovery, Disposal and Toll Processing

These services are offered at competitive prices. Our capable staff will assist in the transportation of your used material and we will provide the proper shipping labels for containers.

Refrigerant Exchange has available specialized equipment such as pumps, compressors and even a fleet of ISO tanks for removing refrigerant quickly from large systems.

We will either reclaim your mixed refrigerants and renew them back to ARI700 specifications for your own use or buy them outright.

We Buy Used/ Mixed Refrigerants

Refrigerant Exchange will accept for reclamation any quantity and all types of used/mixed refrigerants. A standard fee applies for mixtures containing 98% of one refrigerant. Fees increase or decrease according to the percentage of the major refrigerant component. We accept all mixtures of multiple refrigerants in any size container regardless of condition.

The cost of accepting used refrigerants is largely dependant upon the type and mixture of the material. Processing time and handling increase according to the number of components and therefore impact on the value to the mixture.

We Sell Recycled/Reclaimed Refrigerants

We carry a large inventory of recycled refrigerants all of which are guaranteed to be ARI700 compliant.

All reclaimed refrigerant is exempt from any further CFC tax or floor tax.

Rental Tanks and Cylinders

We have a complete range of containers for recovery and storage of contaminated refrigerant from 50 pound cylinders to our fleet of ISO tank containers.

Cylinders are available in 50, 125, 250, 1000 and 2000 pound sizes.

Storage tanks are available in 12000, 30000 and 40000 pound sizes.

All 30 pound containers are disposable and are included in pricing as are 100 pound and 200 pound containers for R-11, R-113 and R-123.

A refundable deposit will be required on returnable containers. Please contact us for current pricing.